Get out of their heads and back into yours.

We spend a lot of time making assumptions of what we think others think of us. And then we act or behave in a way based on these assumptions.

  • They think I’m too fat
  • Too dumb
  • Too unqualified
  • Too unimportant
  • Not good enough

The problem with spending too much time assuming things that others may think of you is that there is a possibility you may be wrong. Really, really wrong. The truth is most people are way too busy with their own story to spend an inordinate amount thinking about yours. This can come as a big relief if you were convinced everyone was judging. They are not.

If social situations causes you to freeze up and you fear everyone is noticing your discomfort, you might take solace in the fact that hardly anyone is watching. They are mainly too busy thinking about how they themselves are coming across, which means that you and your ‘shame’ will most likely be lost on them.

So the moral of the story here is to be kinder to yourself. To choose a belief system that is more helpful and supportive. To give yourself a break from the fear of criticism and judgement by others and start to focus on what’s actually working. Live your life instead of guessing what others may be thinking of you. Own. Your. Special. Gifts.

I wish you a wonderful day…

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