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Mindfully you

How often do you enjoy the present moment without any ulterior motive? Spending time doing something for no reason other than feeling content? Not that often, right? What even IS your thing? Some of us might remember loving to paint, reading for fun, playing the piano, sewing, napping, doing jigsaw puzzles, baking and making jam. But these days even the mere thought of doing something … Continue reading Mindfully you

Life but not as we know it…

Us humans do not like change. To our primitive brain, the one we’ve had for thousands of years, change is perceived as a threat. Our brain’s response is to produce stress hormones to prepare us for fight or flight. These hormones make us anxious, jittery and jumpy which is why we like to keep things the same. To stay within our comfort zone where everything … Continue reading Life but not as we know it…

How to build a healthy immune system

The last six months have been rather extraordinary to say the least. Brexit got superseded by Corona and uncertainty and fear are currently everywhere with questions rife. Should I travel? Will my parents get ill? Should my kids go to school? Will my company survive? Responding to fear These are frightening questions that bombards us from news headlines daily which means we have to work … Continue reading How to build a healthy immune system