New Richmond Clinic

Really happy to announce that you can now come and see me for solution focused hypnotherapy in lovely Richmond-upon-Thames. The clinic, Imperial Health, is just a stones throw from the station and just around the corner from the wonderful yoga studio, Yoga Haven.

Many clients ask me what the key is to obtain a happier life? Well, the answer is that the more familiar we get with neuroscience and figuring out how our brain works, the more important it appears to be to focus on where we want to go rather than where we have been. Continue reading “New Richmond Clinic”


What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy? Put simply, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy focuses on solutions to your problems without dwelling on your past. It is a combination of  CBT, NLP and SFBT talk therapy techniques combined with hypnosis to warrant lasting positive change. Regardless of your challenges, we focus on your preferred future. Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process between you and your hypnotherapist. Provided you are willing … Continue reading Home

Breakfast musings on habits

Habits are interesting as our lives are ruled by them, unless we are careful that is. I’ve talked about creating new habits in the past, such as incorporating new behaviour into our everyday life until they stick. The key word here is repetition. It takes our brain a while to reset habitual thinking and behaviour. Continue reading “Breakfast musings on habits”