Solutions vs. problems

In a problem focused world, looking for solutions can appear slightly flippant. It’s like saying to a severely depressed person that they should just think of something positive. It simply wouldn’t wash. Continue reading “Solutions vs. problems”

Overcoming negative thinking

That we are what we think has been pretty universally proven by science over the last few years. If we think negative or destructive thoughts on a regular basis, for long enough, we tend to eventually develop disharmony in our lives or in our bodies. Our external circumstances literally mirror the internal dialogue we have with ourselves. This is both good and bad news. It’s GREAT if we feel good about ourselves, maintain healthy boundaries and expect to be treated with love, respect and understanding, when we know our own worth and anticipate good in life. Continue reading “Overcoming negative thinking”

Believe it before you see it

When my hypnotherapy clients come to see me, I talk A LOT about how the brain works. As solution focused hypnotherapy is firmly based on the latest neuroscience this is highly relevant. Neuroplasticity means that we can change the wiring in our brain by thinking and doing things differently, which in turn helps us change how we react to things in our lives and how we feel. Continue reading “Believe it before you see it”

Stay Christmas cool

If the thought of Christmas conjures up feelings and emotions in you that are less then positive then you are not alone. A survey conducted by the British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) found that: more than half of all Brits have family disagreements at Christmas 1/4 of all adults said their relationship with their partners came under pressure over the festive period calls to … Continue reading Stay Christmas cool