Where are you going?

There comes a point when we all realise that life is finite. Yes, I know we know it is finite but we don’t necessarily feel that way in our day to day lives. We make decisions and life choices without much deliberation or inner soul search. We start new things, finish other things and generally fly by the seat of our pants through life until one day it hits us that it is sort of now or never and that we have to take stock. Quick.

This sudden realisation is not always a pleasant one and can be accompanied by panic and impatience if what we see is not to our liking. For example, if we work in an office but dream of teaching in a primary school something would have to change. Yet change is something we try to avoid at all cost as it requires us to step out of our comfort zone so we let it drift a bit longer. Sound familiar?

So what does one do? Well, the first step is to figure out what it is you do want. It may sound a bit abstract and opaque but deep within every one of us, we know what makes us shine. A good place to start is to focus on something that comes naturally to us and what we’d do if money was no object. Another good rule of thumb is to not follow the paths of friends or colleagues but instead listen to the beat of your own drum. It is unlikely you want the same things as others so it is pointless to compare yourself to someone else’s journey.

By taking the time to daydream about your happy place you are preparing your subconscious mind to create an inner roadmap. Imagine not inputting an address into your satnav before setting off in the car – hoping to get lucky whilst driving aimlessly. We simply would not do that so why are we so careless with our lives?


  1. Sit down somewhere you know you will not be disturbed. Get comfortable and put on some soft music if you prefer. Silence is also ok. Close your eyes and start by taking a few deep breaths and feel yourself beginning to relax and wind down. This is your time.
  2. Now imagine yourself one year from now. You’ve had the most amazing year and it has led you to this day – today 2021. Everything that makes you feel good and happy is included in your new life and you feel so pleased with how it all turned out. A life where you can do and feel anything you like.
  3. Now start thinking about what this perfect day would feel like, a year from now, in this lovely life or yours. You can start from the moment you wake up. How would you feel? What would be the first thing you see? Who’s next to you? What sort of relationships do you have? How do you feel in the company of others? Where would you live and what would you do for a living? Be as detailed as you can in as many areas you can think of. Imprint your subconscious mind with a clear (or as clear as you can manage) vision that can take root and start your inner navigation system getting you there.
  4. Let your imagination run free and wild – this is not a time to be critical or restrained. What do you really want? Is it freedom? More friends? Peace and quiet? To feel safe? To belong in a community/group? To be with family? We tend to think all we want is wealth yet money and possessions are only conduits that mask our deepest desires that lie beneath. Often we feel happiest when we are accepted and loved for who we truly are and have purpose and meaning in our lives.
  5. Once you have gone through your day and really felt how wonderful it is to have a purpose, to experience love, be satisfied or have a creative outlet, fill your mind with this image and make it as large as a film screen. See it clearly – all of it! Marinate in this vision for as long as you can, fill yourself up with all the feelgood hormones that you are creating all by yourself.
  6. Now take a deep breath and think about what small step you could already take today, this week, to get a little closer to your future vision. If being fitter and slimmer formed part of your vision, what small new choices could you make today that would align you with that vision? See what pops into your mind then make a firm intention for the week ahead. Knowing these steps form the foundation of your vision.
  7. Then take a deep breath and open your eyes and notice what the difference might be now. Are you feeling clearer? Excited? Motivated?

I would suggest you do this exercise daily for at least one week. The brain loves repetition and we spend so much time thinking of what we don’t want that actually focusing on what good looks like can seem like a novel idea. The good news is that when our subconscious mind has something tangible to work towards it tends to filter out any thoughts and beliefs to the contrary. It makes the journey from here to there straighter as you’ll be less distracted by things that no longer fits into your vision.

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Birgitta x

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