Weight Management

Being out of control is never nice yet that is exactly what it can feel like when you are unable to regulate how, when and what you eat and drink. Maybe it feels like you have zero will power and that no matter how much you’d like to look back at your younger fitter self, you’ll just never get there. Your thinking may be quite dark and it is common to have a fair amount of self-loathing and shame surrounding this big topic.

A thousand diets that never worked

Most people that come to see me have tried almost any diet under the sun – and it hasn’t quite worked. They may have had temporary success and lost a fair amount, only to gain it all back when things go back to ‘normal’. And here is the thing. No diet will ever work unless you collapse the underlying belief that keeps your self-sabotage alive. There are many many reasons for food struggles and you may have your own particular set of circumstances that keeps you stuck, unable to make the necessary changes for long enough to yield the results you want. This is why I work with weight management and not weight-loss. If you’ve been on a diet before you know that if you really really have to, you can stick to something for a week or two, get close to the result you wanted, only to reward yourself for having been ‘good’ and so the cycle continues.

Hypnotherapy works on the subconscious mind

Here is the crucial piece of information that they should teach you in school. We are not designed to be happy, we are designed to survive. That’s it! If there was some stress or chaos in your life yesterday and you did something that ensured your survival (like eating a piece of chocolate after having it out with a colleague) then your subconscious mind would want you to do the same again next time you are in stress. Your subconscious mind does not care about you wanting to loose weight. It cares about keeping you safe and alive. That is the bit we have not understood. We are getting messages to carry on doing what is familiar and this subconscious message is so much stronger than your intellectual mind who wants you to stay slim and healthy.

Hypnosis can reprogram your underlying beliefs

Changing some of the underlying beliefs that keep you stuck in unhelpful patterns is what hypnotherapy is all about. Knowing what you want and the real difference that would make to your life can help you get motivated to start the journey of small steps to take you to your desired destination. To find out how hypnotherapy can help with your mindset and habits, click here to book a free call with me to find out more.