“I’m not in the mood” or how to stick to stuff.

Have you noticed how sometimes you can get a really strong impulse to change something BIG in your life that feels absolutely right? Maybe you’re finally going to change your job, set up your own business or go back to uni to retrain. Or perhaps you’re hellbent on sticking to an exercise routine for longer than one month, to eat healthier, drink less or stop … Continue reading “I’m not in the mood” or how to stick to stuff.

The importance of feeling good.

I’ve been a foodie all my life. Even as a child I used to eat a lot. Years laster, when I first moved to England and people asked how I pronounced my name, Birgitta, I used to make it easy for them; Big Eater. Little did they know just how true that was. My mum was a vegetarian for many years and back then, in … Continue reading The importance of feeling good.

Be your own solution

When you find yourself in a bad place in life, feeling stressed, unhappy and worried about the future, it is very easy to put the blame onto other people or external circumstances.

Continue reading “Be your own solution”

It’s not you, it’s your brain!

How many times a day do you berate yourself for not being good enough? It doesn’t have to be serious self-loathing just daily little thoughts going through your mind like “I don’t want to be single” Or “My presentation was worse than anybody else’s, I’m just no good at this” or “I’m never able to make decisions, I just can’t make up my mind”. When … Continue reading It’s not you, it’s your brain!