Free 30 Minute Anxiety Relief Call

Birgitta Ronn, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Sometimes taking the first step can be the very hardest. But admitting to yourself that you need help can also be surprisingly liberating.

In these very strange times we need to keep things in perspective now more than ever. Although anxiety can take many forms (panic attacks, over eating and drinking, fear of public speaking and social interactions to name a few) they all stem from the same place in our brain, the limbic system. This built in automated defence mechanism kick in when we feel we are under threat. You may know it as the fight, flight or freeze response.

Anxiety is a bit like misusing your imagination. Instead of thinking of all the lovely things you have in your life you tend to focus on what could go wrong instead. You may create vivid images of what the worst case scenario would look and feel like – getting stuck with your scary stories that you then believe to be true. We all do this but we don’t have to.

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I am offering a 30 minute FREE Anxiety Relief Call where you can tell me what’s troubling you and how you would like to feel instead. What life could be like if your problems suddenly vanished. I will tell you what it could be like to work with me and what hypnotherapy is all about – giving you a chance to figure out whether it is right for you or not. Use the calendar below and book your free phone consultation today. I very much look forward to hearing from you.