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7 Ways to tackle anxiety

As we’re heading towards one of the most stressful periods of the calendar year it is good to be reminded of ways to stave off feelings of overwhelm and anxiety . Holidays can be stressful when surrounded by close family and partners. So what can we do to keep a healthy perspective and prevent ourselves from ending up feeling stressed and anxious this festive season? … Continue reading 7 Ways to tackle anxiety

Immunity, Digestion and Fertility. What have they got to do with Anxiety?

That anxiety is tough to deal with is something we all know. Feeling hyper vigilant and on edge is exhausting and takes up much mental energy. But did you know that there are other effects anxiety can have on your body? What happens to us when we are anxious? First of all, anxiety is a stress response emanating from the survival brain (fight, flight and … Continue reading Immunity, Digestion and Fertility. What have they got to do with Anxiety?

What’s your happy?

In a world that values being busy over anything else, slowing down can feel counter intuitive. Downtime just isn’t sexy. Doing a lot of stuff is. Yet few of us know if what we are doing a lot of is really taking us to a place we want to end up.

What most of us unconsciously long for is an inner roadmap that tells us what sort of life we want to live. This, by the way, may look very different to how other people think our life should look so we have to be prepared for some doubt and resistance. The million dollar question we ought to ask ourselves then is this: Am I doing what I want to be doing? And if not, what is it I’d rather do? If we can answer this question we have the most valuable piece of information available to us. The blueprint to make our inner longing an outer reality. Without this information our inner sat nav has no set destination and we let outside circumstances dictate our inner state of mind aimlessly.

Continue reading “What’s your happy?”