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Anxiety can look different

Anxiety is the banner for a whole host of conditions which may affect our day to day life to various degrees. Anything from lack of sleep, a nervous stomach, fear of flying to struggling how to look people in the eye, can be having its root cause in anxiety. If you regularly struggle to have a good nights sleep, or if you have a busy little chimp inside your mind telling you how much there is left to do, then Mind Massage may be just right for you.

Why do we get so worked up?

When we are calm and centered we have access to the part of our mind which is rational and that have a healthy perspective on what happens in our lives. But, when we are stressed, anxious or tired we tend to spend a lot more time in our survival brain where our fight, flight, freeze response resides. When we operate from this part of our brain things tend to look pretty bleak, we worry, ruminate and obsess about things which we fear is going to happen.

This will make it hard for us to sleep, for proper digestion to take place and also for fertility to be possible. When our body is preparing for flight (metaphorically speaking) it is working hard to supply you with enough oxygen and blood flow to your limbs and if necessary, it will even empty your bowels to make sure you are lighter. Immunity, digestion, sleep and fertility is WAY down the list of priorities for this problem focused mind. It’s main concern is to keep you alive – it has totally different goals to yours. There is disharmony and you feel it.

Birgitta Ronn
Solution Focused Hypnotherapist

About me

I am a practicing solution focused clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist – I absolutely love what I do. Seeing people start living their lives differently is empowering and I want everyone to know how their brain works, what happens when we worry and why it affects us so much. I consider this to be essential knowledge for both adults and children. To have tools and resources to handle life’s curve balls is essential to feel that we are in control.

Mind Massage

During my time in practice, I have come to learn that sometimes clients are not at all ready to discuss what is going on in their lives, or they may have had a bad experience in the past which makes them uncomfortable with the word ‘therapy’. That’s totally OK. If you just want to feel calmer, more relaxed and sleep better, then Mind Massage could be the right thing for you. A first proper step towards taking good care of yourself.

During your 40 minute session we will be doing several breathing exercises designed to calm you down, a body scan relaxation and a guided visualisation that will leave you feeling calmer, more optimistic and setting you up for a restful nights sleep.

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