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​I can help you create rapid and permanent change in your life through solution focused hypnotherapy.

Why does Solution Focused Hypnotherapy work?

No need to dig up the Past

It's helpful to know a little about the past, but more importantly, train the mind to move on

Clear Actions & Goals 

 I use a structured approach to develop clear goals and actions to help you achieve your desired result

Tailored approach for you

I design all my hypnotherapy ​sessions to ​your individual needs to ensure your sessions are as effective as possible

Taking the first step...

When we are feeling low or anxious, sometimes the hardest part is to know what to do next. If you've never asked for help before it can feel new and uncomfortable.  You may feel resistant or have lots of questions which is why I am offering a free ​30 minute ​Discovery Call to see if hypnotherapy is right for you.

When I ring we’ll have a friendly and informal chat to give you a chance to explain, in your own words, what may be troubling you. This typically will feel strangely liberating, since you have taken a small but important step to address something that is not working in your life.

No problem is too big or small and chances are I will have heard it before. My clients find it very comforting to know that they are not alone in feeling worried or anxious and this in itself can relieve any feelings of weakness or shame. The phone call is aimed at putting you at ease and for you to feel free to ask any questions you may have about your current life situation, hypnotherapy or what working with me could look like.  

After our call together, if you wish to continue ​therapy with me, I will begin to construct a tailored solution focused hypnotherapy plan just for you and we will begin our new journey together!

About Birgitta

​When you visit my practice I will help you ​find new and positive ways to cope with and overcome debilitating anxiety and overwhelm that can manifests itself in so many ways. ​Whether you struggle with weight loss, ​or poor sleep I am sure you agree that us humans​ pick up various coping strategies throughout life that may not be very helpful for us to remain ​calm, in control and confident.  ​

​With ​Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, a fast growing branch of hypnotherapy,  you can rest assured that you will receive a gentle ​yet effective approach​ that focuses on finding solutions to ​problems without excessive dwelling on your past. It uses practical, modern and well researched strategies, drawing from NLP and CBT,  to help people make significant, positive and lasting changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time.

I practice from ​in East Sheen, South West London only minutes drive from Richmond, Kew, Barnes and Putney.

What do my past clients say about me?

“I have been seeing Birgitta weekly now for about 6 weeks and as early as after our first session I noticed subtle changes in my own behaviour and thinking. I am working with self-confidence issues, negative thought spirals and I’m also trying to change my relationship with alcohol as I use it to dampen feelings. Birgitta is very insightful and truly has a gift. Her approach is methodical and direct. I could not recommend her more highly.”


East Sheen, London

“My sessions with Birgitta have been a life changing. I used to get really cross with most people, especially my kids, and I was always anxious, feeling I had not done enough. Through hypnosis with Birgitta I have learned that only I am in charge of my future and that my thoughts shape my reality. I love, love, love the deep relaxation and will come back for a top up when life gets the better of me. Thank you."


Hackney, London

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Take your first steps to a NEW YOU

FREE 30 Minute ​Discovery Call

​Let me help you create rapid and permanent change in your life through solution focused hypnotherapy