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Why Should I See A Hypnotherapist Anyway?

How often have you not got stuck with a problem? You know what you want to be different yet feel unable to change it. Understanding what happens in our mind when we get stuck and why can be very helpful to move forward. Knowing what works and how hypnotherapy can help you to utilise your own resources and abilities to move forward. Continue reading Why Should I See A Hypnotherapist Anyway?

Entrepreneurs? This post is for you.

In my hypnotherapy practice I often come across people who are self-employed – entrepreneurs who have taken the brave step to work for themselves. So far so good. But being self-employed means you need to work on your business idea AND your mindset. Over time I’ve noticed two distinctly different types of self-employed clients – for simplicity’s sake let’s call them client A and client B.

Continue reading “Entrepreneurs? This post is for you.”