Hypnotherapy sessions

Initial consultation

The fee for an initial consultation/session is £75. This session will last around an hour. In this meeting we will go over your issue extensively and discuss your goals. We will talk about how the mind works and why we get stuck with unhelpful thoughts and behaviour. You will experience a short hypnotherapy session to get you familiar with the sensation of being deeply relaxed and in a focused state of attention

Subsequent sessions

The fee for a standard session is £75. These sessions will typically last an hour and allow us to track and monitor your progress, dealing with any resistance to change you might be facing. We will then work together to reframe ideas to enable more positive thought patterns to emerge.

How many sessions do I need?

Anxiety related conditions such as worry, stress, fear and panic attacks tend to need around 10 – 12 sessions but some experience benefits earlier. If you feel you have a lot of issues you’d like to address then this is probably what would work for you. But it is a very individual process and some notices results faster than others.

​Simple habits and phobias tend to be treated in 3-4 sessions.

Smoking cessation*

  • £250 (90 – 120 min)
Terms and Conditions

If you have to cancel your hypnotherapy appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice. This ensures fairness to other clients who are waiting for an appointment. Room charges still have to be paid regardless of whether or not it is used. Missed appointments or appointments that are rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the full rate. Please ensure you are on time for your appointment. It is likely that there will be an appointment booked immediately after yours and as a result any lateness will reduce the time available for your session.

*Smoking cessations can vary depending on level of underlying anxiety contributing to the addiction. I will discuss this in our phone conversation prior to session.