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Birgitta Ronn, Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • In your session you will have a chance to tell me what is not working in your life, what’s stopping you from feeling empowered and offload some of the thinking which may have contributed to your lack of self confidence.
  • I will explain to you how the mind works and how it is possible to have unlimited confidence and to get back in control of your life by changing the way you think, feel and behave. We will explore the unhelpful programming that is keeping you stuck.
  • I will explain to you what hypnotherapy really is, how it works and some of the science behind it.
  • We will explore what your good looks like so that you can start living a life of unlimited confidence and joy.
  • You will go home with a 30 min guided hypnotherapy relaxation track to help you on your way.

My self-esteem was cripplingly low when I came to see Birgitta. I didn’t think anything could work but I was feeling really desperate. Learning about how my mind worked and using the solution focused tools made such a difference and slowly I began to feel much more confident and optimistic. Hypnotherapy has been an amazing experience for me and I could not rate Birgitta highly enough” – Fiona, Richmond upon Thames

“I detested public speaking. Would do anything to get out of it but it simply does not bother me anymore. My hypnosis sessions with Birgitta helped me understand my underlying anxiety and took away the focus on myself. These days I feel happy to talk in public about topics I like and think of all the information I can share.” – Jane, Wandsworth