If you are sick and tired of struggling with anxiety in your day to day life, longing to feel more confident and in control, then this is for you.

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What does my wonderful clients say about me?

“I have been seeing Birgitta weekly for about 6 weeks and as early as after our first session I noticed subtle changes in my own behaviour and thinking. I am working with self-confidence issues, negative thought spirals and I’m also trying to change my relationship with alcohol as I use it to dampen feelings. Birgitta is very insightful and truly has a gift. Her approach is methodical and direct. I could not recommend her more highly.”

Joan, East Sheen

“When I started seeing Birgitta I was a mess. I was very anxious all the time and not able to sleep or concentrate on my children or work. Birgitta patiently explained how the mind worked and why I was feeling so out of control. I trusted her implicitly and she made me feel very safe and calm. It was the first time I really admitted that I didn’t have all the answers. She has made an amazing difference in my life.”

Katrina, Fulham

About Birgitta

I am passionate about helping people feel better and live fulfilling lives. I work with my clients to find new and positive ways to cope with and overcome debilitating anxiety and overwhelm that can manifest itself in so many different ways. Whether you struggle with weight loss, panic attacks or poor sleep I am sure you agree that us humans pick up various coping strategies throughout life that may not be very helpful for us to remain calm, in control and confident. I am a trained and fully insured solution focused hypnotherapist and psychotherapist and I use a variety of therapy methods such as NLP and CBT, combined with hypnosis and the latest neuroscience to offer tailored solution for my clients.